so okay, it’s apparently totally accepted to joke about diabetes, which in my case is autoimmune - there was nothing i could’ve done to prevent it, but it’s however extremely rude and insensitive to joke about aids or cancer etc??

every goddamn day when i go into the diabetes tag i see joke…

3 people have said diabetes jokes right to my face knowing I was diabetic😒


Diabetes is such a pain in the ass. So a few days ago, my mom was talking to my volleyball coaches at my school. She was meeting with them to help them understand about my diabetes and stuff. So when she met with my head coach, the coach was telling my mom about what was wrong with me. She thinks that I just slow the entire volleyball team down because I “can’t control my blood sugars like the other diabetic player on Varsity”. Also saying that I am not responsible at all and that I am a HUGE burden to the entire team because of my disease.

I wasn’t sad at all ok, I just was so pissed. First, this coach is judging me against another diabetic player who plays for Varsity, has had diabetes for 10 years and is a junior. I am a freshmen coming from a tiny school, on freshmen team and has had diabetes for 6 years.

That bitch HAS NO RIGHT to judge me like that. She hasn’t had to stick herself 5 times a day. Hasn’t had to feel like shit when your blood sugar is 50. Hasn’t had to deal with the pain. It’s just so unfair that she judged my personality and how I deal with my diabetes when she doesn’t even know a damn thing about me.

From that, that’s why I am quitting my volleyball team. If I didn’t have this disease, I definitely wouldn’t have this problem. So I guess diabetes does effect what you can and cannot do.